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East Edge Fest: Windhand/ Ufomammut/ Grime/ Messa/ Hobos

East Edge Fest: Windhand/  Ufomammut/ Grime/ Messa/ Hobos

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✚ After kicking it off by bringing the colossal Godflesh upon your eyes (and ears) we raised the bar very high. The stereo madness, courtesy of the doom maniacs from the Land of the Rising Sun Church of Misery topped off with our beloved neighbours, the doom enchanters Messa disrupted our wastelands once again.

Now we are ready to strike again. East Edge Festival will descend upon us on Sunday, August 4, 2019.

Windhand (doom metal/psych/grunge, USA - Relapse Records)

Founded in 2009, Windhand released their fourth full length “Eternal Return” in 2018. Boosted by Garrett Morris’ consistently cool riffs—forged at the crossroads of Iommi’s otherworldly import and Kurt Cobain’s spontaneous precocity—powered by Ryan Wolfe and Parker Chandler’s groove-laden rhythms, and propelled by Dorthia Cottrell’s smoky yet wistful vocals, Windhand’s new album is a two-step jump for Richmond’s finest purveyors of the psycho-actively heavy. Adorned by Arik Roper’s (Sleep, High On Fire) impressive cover art, “Eternal Return” not only looks the part of Windhand’s artistic growth but sounds the part.

For “Eternal Return”, Windhand brought legendary producer Jack Endino (he worked with Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Nirvana…) back to the fold. Together, they spent two weeks recording at Soundhouse Recording in Seattle. Endino understood the group’s artistic progression, chiefly the admiration of and blending in late ‘80s/early ‘90s grunge. Out of it all, WINDHAND continued to refactor and refine their vision of heavy. A new era of psychedelic heaviness is upon us with Windhand’s genre-blurring “Eternal Return”.

“as seductive as it is crushing” (Revolver)

“Beckons with mysterious portent like a smoking cauldron” (NPR)

“Windhand has become the touchstone band for heavy music” (Consequence Of Sound)

“seethes and crawls like magma, with singer Dorthia Cottrell blazing the way through a craggy, psychedelic wasteland” (Rolling Stone)

“Kyussian riffs lend a hard-rock edge to frontwoman Dorthia Cottrell’s quivering, eerie alto, giving it a stage from which to soar” (Pitchfork)


UFOMAMMUT (heavy psych/doom, IT - Neurot Recordings)

This year 2019, UFOMAMMUT is celebrating 20 years as a band! The band was formed in February of 1999 by Poia, Urlo and Vita in a small room in the middle of nowhere in Italy. The idea was to survive the boredom of living in a little town while also having the intention of creating music to spread all around the Globe.

Now, after 20 years existence, 8 full lengths and countless tours, we can definitely say that Ufomammut are a Global Menace.

"8" is their latest album (released in 2017) and is a continuous flux of music, a singular entity, which can be defined in micro measurements by its eight satellite songs. Each track expands upon the preceding song, unfolding into an exceedingly dense, malevolent and formidable journey, resulting in this being Ufomammut's most extreme venture yet, with no permittance for breathing space in the 48 minutes.

"8" - press cuts

"8 is all the more an achievement for the nuance it brings to the
established parameters of Ufomammut's sound and the ways in which the three-piece persist in redrawing their own boundaries"

"A totally different listening experience, sure, but it's one that
offers yet another opportunity to throw some quality, heavy psychedelic doom on the turntable" (


Grime (sludge/metal, IT - Argento Records)

"Italian trio Grime arrive with minimal fanfare, drawing a few cheers before rooting the stage with purpose; stripping the skin from the faces of the collective before them, filthy riffs colliding with simplistic but brutal rhythmic patterns. Guitar fuzz fills the room, an oppressive wall of noise forcing more than encouraging headbanging, the musical equivalent of having your neck stepped on". - Silence Is The Enemy on the Grime show in Glasgow during their triumphant tour with Windhand in March 2019.

They toured Europe (multiple times), Russia and USA with legendary -(16)-, Today is The Day, Fistula, Cough, Converge and Windhand, played Heavy Days in Doomtown, Bloodshed Festival, Barroselas Metal Fest, Roadburn, Desertfest Belgium and Desertfest London, among others, and shared the stage with Eyehategod and Obituary, to name a few.

On August 4 they are going to play their exclusive show in the area for a while and you don'd want to miss it.


MESSA (doom, IT - Aural Music/code666)

Messa play evoking doom metal with a dark jazz twist. Haunting female vocals, rhodes piano and 70’s fuzz guitars combine to conjure a sound that is all of their own. With influences as diverse as Windhand, Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, The Devil’s Blood, Jex Thoth, Angelo Badalamenti, Bell Witch, Urfaust and Aluk Todolo, the band has moved from the droning occult doom of their first LP "Belfry" to a new, darker and more atmospheric approach clearly showcased in their new record "Feast for Water", a concept album centered on the introspective, symbolic and ritual features of the liquid element (source: press release).

"Feast for Water" got awesome reviews everywhere. This year, the band has played at Roadburn (Europe's leading underground festival) and has now embarked on an European tour with Sabbath Assembly.


Hobos (death'n'roll, IT - Spikerot)

Hobos, play metal the way punks like, borrowing the Swedish death metal sound stained with rock’n’roll, hardcore and a hint of grindcore, served with lyrics in Italian.
They proved to be a blood-thirsty, filthy war machine on stage, playing concerts everywhere from squats to clubs with the likes of Vitamin X, Tragedy, Negative Approach, Obituary, Rotten Sound, Birdflesh and Zeke, plus two European tours alongside the colleagues Slander and Zeit.


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